Dr. Rose Aslan


Compassion Flow Coaching

I’m Dr. Rose Aslan

I’m a transformational, healing-centered coach.

I love coaching women to reconnect with their inner wisdom and to learn to trust themselves.

I focus on coaching women in a trauma-informed context to explore the flow of compassion within themselves.

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My Offerings to You 

One-on-one Coaching

Schedule a gift coaching session and experience the magic of coaching.

Embrace the opportunity to live
unapologetically, on your terms, with compassion and empathy at the core. Let’s start a conversation and embark on a path to achieving your deepest desires together.

The Rahma Collective

Ongoing membership program for Muslim women on path of healing from our conditioning as women, existing in patriarchal societies, and now seeking inner, outer, and communal liberation. 

We onboard new members at beginning of every month

One-on-One Breathwork

In private sessions discover the power of breath.

Learn to breathe naturally and optimally to improve your overall wellness, reduce , and move through life. These changes can have a profound impact on your entire physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Coaching With Compassion

You've got the magic key to your own adventure. Me? I'm just here to help you dust it off and unlock the good stuff – your true talents, values, and what really makes you tick.

We're going to remix your relationship with spirituality and religion, making it a jam that's all about you. Think of it as tuning into your inner intuition – it's about getting your groove on, for yourself and those around you.

Got some weird, taboo thoughts or questions that are too out there for regular chit-chat? I'm your go-to. No judgments, just a whole lot of understanding and heart.

Helping you map out your life’s big picture is my jam. We'll add a sprinkle of mindfulness to your daily hustle, so you're living with purpose, not just going through the motions. I genuinely care about you finding your balance, peeling back life's layers to reveal the real deal – you, connected and tuned in, both to yourself and the big, chaotic world.

If you're itching for a life that's full, grounded, and filled with peace, let's have a chat.

Your path is paved with clarity.

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