What is Coaching?

Coaching Is:

  • A way to get support to achieve actionable goals
  • A great complement during or after completing therapy
  • Compassionate accountability to work towards goals
  • Helps the client discover their subconscious blocks and beliefs to transform them into empowering beliefs and practices
  • Offers ways to uncover your dreams and begin to make them your reality
  • Get yourself out of the grind and into a place of balance and joy
  • Explore self- and communal compassion and love

Tools I Use in Coaching (differs according to needs of the client)

  • Deep listening and discussion
  • Reflective questioning
  • Intuition
  • Analytical reasoning
  • Observation and feedback
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Compassionate accountability
  • Guidance through clarifying activities
  • Building habits and rituals
  • Spiritual practices

Coaching Is Not

  • A replacement for therapy or psychiatric care
  • having someone to tell you what to do or think
  • A quick fix: change doesn’t happen overnight
  • A place where you will be made to feel ashamed, fearful, or guilty

Coaching works best when you have already started working with a mental health professional if you have a history of trauma

Therapy is like helping someone who has been in a traumatic accident recover to their basic physical function, coaching is like helping the person learn to climb a mountain in a safe and balanced way.

Grounded in the principles of compassion, vulnerability, and drawing meaning from your presence as a woman in this world, I will help you bring a flow of compassion into your life:

  • Explore your limiting beliefs and blocks
  • choose to empower yourself, claim your agency
  • live life on your own terms
  • Find ways to heal and grow