What Is Compassion Flow Coaching?

Embarking on a journey through the wisdom traditions from around the world as well as deeply into the spirituality of Islam steeped in a love based-approach has transformed my perspective, inspiring me to embrace a life led by compassion.

I've done the work to uproot the deeply embedded seeds of shame and guilt from my psyche, overcome past traumas, and to thrive despite the patriarchy and my conditioning that kept me stuck within my own harsh thoughts and prison of my own making.

Like many, I found myself ensnared in a life driven by fear – a web spun by influences from religion, family, the media, society, and beyond.

The path of thought work is a continuous one, with remnants of old patterns surfacing in the most unexpected places.

Yet, it's the conscious awareness and steadfast commitment to persevere in this journey towards flourishing that truly makes a difference.

What We'll Do Together

As a coach, I believe that we can benefit from evidence-based research on the science of well-being.

At the same time, we can also dive into our wisdom traditions to connect more deeply with the teachings and rituals that can help us as women find balance in our lives.

Grounded in the principles of compassion, vulnerability, and drawing meaning from your presence as women in this world, I will help you bring a flow of compassion into your life.

Why Work With Me

Let go of fears & mindsets

Enter a judgement free zone

Explore your spiritual path

Move beyond obstacles

Gain clarity

Empower your life

How Do We Navigate This Path?

  • Continuous Growth and Awareness: The path to self-thriving involves constant vigilance against residual traces of fear and self-doubt, fostering a willingness to persistently engage in self-reflection and growth.
  • Beyond Superficial Self-Care: We'll move past the commercialized notion of self-care, delving into authentic self-compassion that is inclusive and accessible, irrespective of income or social standing.

Our Collaborative Goals

  • Aligning with Your True Self: Identify and embrace your core values and visions, freeing yourself from societal conditioning, particularly the impacts of patriarchal structures.
  • Empowering Toolkit: Develop tools to recognize your strengths, cultivate resilience, and establish a system of gentle accountability to realize your life goals.
  • Balancing Life and Dreams: We'll strategize to harmonize your obligations with your personal aspirations, establishing clear boundaries and trusting in your inner wisdom.

What Will You Gain?

  • Spiritual Reconnection and Mindfulness: Explore and heal from religious or spiritual traumas, reconnecting with your faith in a way that's free from patriarchal influences. Practice mindfulness to regulate your emotions and approach life with calmness.
  • Embodiment of Compassion: Learn to treat yourself with the kindness and empathy you would offer to a dear friend, fully embodying compassion in every aspect of your life.

Are You Ready to Transform?

  • Whether you're feeling stuck, seeking to ignite your goals, yearning to feel again, or desiring to overcome guilt and shame, I will be there to hold your hand as you find out what brings you wholeness and peace.

Let's Begin This Transformative Journey

  • Embrace the opportunity to live unapologetically, on your terms, with compassion and empathy at the core. Let’s start a conversation and embark on a path to achieving your deepest desires together.