Rose was a mirror to me, helping me reflect on myself and move towards positive personal growth. Embodiment work with Rose made an enormous difference for me, teaching me how to be in tune with my own physical intuition and the wisdom I carry within myself. Through my time working with Rose, I am so proud to have taken some very concrete steps towards living the life I aspire to, steps that felt "stuck" in my life for many years. I feel more spiritually present, more in tune with myself, more aligned with my own priorities, and more cherishing of my inherent worth.



The program and Rose’s guidance and group calls were so helpful to me in clarifying my goals and thinking more productively about my future. After going through the program, I wanted to share and enable my students to benefit from the process. So I invited Rose to my class Religion, Feminism, and Leadership to lead sessions guiding my students their own self-assessment and to create their life vision. As I had anticipated, my students reported that they experienced a paradigm shift. My students absolutely loved her, her patience, her grace, and her work with them to consider their life vision, their relationship with themselves, and their future decisions.

R. Iqbal

College Professor, Atlanta, GA

Rou E., Esq

Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

With intentionality, Rose perfectly balances the role of leader and listener. She is an experienced educator that has taught me how to part the proverbial rain clouds and let the sunshine in! I came to Rose riddled with insecurities about my understanding of, relationship to, and place in Islam. Rose’s program has taught me strategies to untangle my own cultural versus religious confusions. One of the ways she has done this is by teaching me to listen to and trust myself!

Rose has strengthened and supported me by reminding me of and teaching me the importance of self-compassion. Rose has always handled my most vulnerable moments with the utmost respect, dignity, and confidentiality. By learning how, as she describes, to fill my own cup first, my family is now nourished by the healthiest and most complete version of me. Thank you, Rose!

Rose brings people together, builds community, and knows how to bring out the best in people. She creates an atmosphere that inspires possibility. During my time with her, Rose created the space to reflect and plan in ways that offered a genuine spark for how I think and plan for my work and life.

K. M.

University professor

United States

Adina Khalifa

Holistic Healer, Istanbul, Turkey

Rose has the magical ability to hold both your dreams and fears so lovingly and at the same time be so practically inspiring. Guiding and mentoring is in her bones, and I’m so grateful that she is able to share her gifts with us.

I was hesitant at first to join this community as I was worried that it would be another kind of pressure to “accomplish” self-care goals in some pre-determined “right way.” Rose was very generous in taking time to listen to me, validate my concerns, and assure me that there was room for me and what I needed.

Rose has shown a true passion and gift for helping people connect to what matters to them. She is also very skilled in mediating group situations where the needs and goals of different members may be very different from one another. She is thoughtful, gentle, and creative, and her words and actions reflect a commitment to ensuring that everyone feels included.

Krista Riley,

Pedagogical Advisor, Montreal, Canada

Rose was and is a very kind hearted, humane coach who helped me through a very rough transition. She has a broad academic and spiritual background, and her style balances these with ease. She provides practical advice and considers all aspects of a person’s life when guiding them. I highly recommend her services.

Carey C.


Miriam B.

Psychotherapist, New Jersey

Rose brought together amazing women from all over the world and helped build a community of love and support in a matter of weeks. She was generous with her time and skills and was a great model for compassion. She assisted us in creating the environment that would work best for us by encouraging us to set our own guidelines for the space. She then diligently assured that those guidelines were maintained for the safety and openness of the group. Lastly, she identified strengths in each person and paved the way for those strengths to shine. I am grateful to have known and benefitted from her.

I joined Rose’s coaching program knowing that I needed help aligning my path and narrowing down my goals for the year…what I didn’t know I needed was the community and cheerleaders I received with it. Being part of a Muslim-focused coaching group felt a bit intimidating at first, but the main ingredient Rose sprinkles over everything is empathy and compassion - Rahma. Coming from a trauma-informed perspective, Rose held space for my peers and me to share without fear of judgment, to cry without embarrassment, and to laugh joyfully in the company of the other women who, although their journeys were all so different, found a common ground to land softly upon.

I began my journey on the course feeling overwhelmed, under-prepared and overextended, and over the period of 8 weeks I was able to not only gain a clearer picture of my wants, needs, and ambitions but I had a game plan on how to achieve them.

As women doing multiple things in life, lots of the time on our own, it’s not only important but vital to prioritize ourselves by practicing self-care, and one of the ways to do that is to become clearer on exactly what you want to accomplish but in a way that feels gentle and authentic to you and your lived experience.

Investing in ourselves is something that doesn’t come easy for many of us but when you do you will understand why you must always give yourself air - and Rahma - first.

Allison Y.

Photographer and storyteller, Vancouver, BC

Seemi Ghazi

University lecturer, Vancouver, BC

The Rahma Course and her workshops have transformed my life. I especially benefit daily from the negation to affirmation exercises. What a joyful, safe, interactive space she cultivates. I would encourage all my friends to join her program. Rose is a treasure who helps you retrieve your hidden treasures.

I learned so much from Rose's gentle and wise way of working with me and the others in the group. I am grateful for the light she helped me shine on my own personal growth and the encouragement to cultivate a joyful life. The work we did together has been a doorway for the goals I want to accomplish throughout this next year. At the end of the course, I felt closely connected to the beautiful women who went on this journey with me.

Fatima C.

University professor, Greensboro, NC

Mariana Nabila Evans

Graduate student, Istanbul

I was hungry for some spiritually guided advice on some mundane struggles, and Rose's Rahma course provided me with that, and much more! Rose opened up the space and guided us along the way. The participants listened to and inspired each other. It was very beneficial to have conversations with a group of women who were from different backgrounds, in different situations, talented in their own ways, and who nonetheless shared a similar spiritual foundation. I left the course with not only some spiritual guidance but also some practical steps to better organize my life.

Joan Z.

Retired, Asheville, NC

I feel different from when I started, it’s nice knowing someone like Rose is there and can help when I get stuck. You have shown me many ways to be a better human being and to conquer the negativity in my brain. We all know the monkey brain is here but we don’t know how to deal with it. Knowing that there is a way to bring my thoughts under control is empowering and encouraging. I learned that you can work on yourself, but you can’t expect to change others.

I’m really glad that I connected with you. I shut myself down before I don’t like getting vulnerable. Our sessions together were more transformative than I had expected. You are younger than me but helped me work through stuff I couldn’t figure out. You have given me the tools and helped me to find the self-confidence to live my life with more joy and meaning.

Helping me believe in myself and to trust my intuition was a game changer. I learned to trust that there is goodness and magic in myself and to make it transformative. Having Rose as a cheerleader to change the way I think about myself and my potential has been amazing.

One thing that stuck with me was when Rose noticed that my breath was short and shallow. It was something so simple that stuck with me, now whenever I’m anxious I will practice box breathing. I love that you have this skillset aside from coaching and that you are connected to people’s energies.

I am proud to of becoming aware of my negative self-talk and limiting beliefs, they don’t control me anymore. I was able to open up to people, get help from other people, and come out of my isolation. Rose reminded me of the importance of connection, I don’t have to do this alone. I am slowly learning to make this my reality.

Nada A.

Graduate student, Los Angeles, CA